Eczema Honey Salve

Lavender & Lilac

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Until you have suffered from eczema, you can’t fully grasp the toll it takes on your family and yourself. It’s more than just itchy, flaking red skin. It’s nights when sleep alludes you, it’s waking up to raw skin from scratching all night, it’s embarrassing dates, scars, stained clothing, etc. After having many clients ask me to make a salve just for them, I am passionate about their daily struggle.

Fights bacteria with local raw honey and organic tea tree essential oil

Moisturizes with organic shea butter and organic oils.

Relieves and cools itching

Our Eczema Honey Salve is made with organic unrefined organic shea butter, organic oils, organic essential oils and local raw honey. Anyone suffering from eczema knows the struggle is real, that’s why every ingredient is hand chosen and I carefully make this in small batches to ensure freshness.

2 oz jar